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Therapy sessions and coaching:

Besides being a Pro Domme I also works as a therapist and coach, my practice spans across a broad array experience. I specialize in trauma therapy and also religious trauma therapy (especially for ex Jehovah’s Witnesses as I was once one of them), grief counseling (where I also apply what I learned from self-experience after losing my son), I coach individuals to cope with chronic illness and pain and I also coach people with gender exploration and transition. My diverse expertise allows me to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health, catering to a vast range of personal challenges and journeys.

However, my practice also extends beyond the traditional therapeutic setting. I also facilitate kink exploration sessions where individuals and couples can talk freely about their interests and desires regarding BDSM.

“It’s vital to understand that this service does not involve the practice of BDSM itself; instead, it operates within a therapeutic and coaching framework. In this setting, you can openly discuss your interests, obstacles, and areas where you may need guidance on your exploratory journey. It’s also a space where you can candidly talk about your experiences and how they have impacted your life. Additionally, couples coaching is an available option.”

In the end, therapy, kink, trauma, grief, gender exploration, all these facets of human experience are interconnected. They contribute to the complex tapestry of who we are. By embracing this integrative approach to therapeutic coaching, I offer a safe space for individuals to explore and understand these aspects of their identities, ultimately empowering them to become more fulfilled, authentic versions of themselves.

If you would like to read more regarding psychology and kink make sure to read my blog posts.

BDSM Coaching in Therapeutic Practice

BDSM, which stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism, is often perceived through a lens of taboo and misunderstanding. However, within the bounds of consent, trust, and communication, BDSM can be an essential aspect of personal and sexual identity for some individuals.

For those who identify with BDSM or are curious about exploring this aspect of their personality, a therapist who has experience and training in BDSM coaching can be crucial. Here’s why:

Understanding and Acceptance

BDSM is multifaceted and deeply personal. A trained therapist can help clients understand and accept this part of their interest and sexuality without judgment or stigma. They can guide clients in exploring what BDSM means to them, helping them articulate their desires and boundaries, and encouraging self-acceptance.

Safe Exploration

A BDSM-coaching therapist can help clients explore their interests safely and ethically. This involves discussing and setting clear boundaries, understanding the importance of consent, and learning about safe practices. This exploration can lead to personal growth, increased self-confidence, and fulfilling relationships.

Addressing Underlying Issues

For some, BDSM may be linked to deeper psychological or emotional issues. A therapist with specialized training in BDSM can help clients explore these connections in a safe and controlled environment, potentially uncovering underlying fears, traumas, or desires.

Relationship Guidance

BDSM can also play a role in relationships. A BDSM-coaching therapist can provide couples or polyamorous relationships with guidance on communication, trust, and mutual respect. The therapist can mediate discussions around desires, boundaries, and expectations, fostering healthier dynamics.

Stigma and Societal Judgment

Those who identify with or practice BDSM may face societal judgment or misunderstanding. A BDSM-aware therapist can provide a supportive and accepting space for clients to discuss these challenges and develop strategies for managing or coping with these external pressures.


BDSM coaching within therapy is not about promoting or encouraging specific practices. Instead, it’s about providing support, understanding, and guidance for those who find BDSM an integral part of their sexuality or relationships.

As with any specialized area of therapy, it is critical to find a qualified and experienced therapist who can navigate the complexities and nuances of BDSM with sensitivity, empathy, and professionalism. By recognizing BDSM as a valid and important aspect of human sexuality, therapists can better support their clients’ unique needs and foster personal growth, self-acceptance, and fulfilling relationships.

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The Therapy & coaching sessions that lux provides

Not everyone is allowed to book a session, she will only allow the ones who are a right match. The personal intake takes place via email. 

The rate for this service is different then the rate for BDSM sessions. Therapy & coaching sessions do not involve the practice of BDSM itself; instead, it operates within a therapeutic and coaching framework.

Price € 200,- Duration: 1,5-2 hours