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Submissive dining out with Lux & Loren

Submissive Dining Out with Lux & Loren Experience

Embrace an evening of sophistication and submission with Lux and Loren in a unique dining experience designed for those who wish to explore their submissive side.

The Experience Includes:

  • Preparation: A preliminary online intake will set the tone and expectations for the session. Upon arrival, you will receive assistance in getting into the proper submissive mindset, which may include wearing a small collar, cuffs, or even a discreet electric shock device.
  • Dinner Selection: The restaurant and menu will be discussed and decided in advance, ensuring an elegant setting that aligns with everyone’s preferences.
  • Your Responsibilities: As our submissive for the evening, you will have the privilege of opening doors, driving Lux & Loren to the restaurant, and attentively assisting them throughout the meal.
  • Guidance and Correction: Should you fail to meet the expected standards of behavior, gentle corrections will guide you back on course. Your commitment to true submission will be central to the experience.
  • Payment: Costs for food and drinks are the client’s responsibility, and you will have the honor of settling the bill at the end of the evening.
  • Photographic Memories: If desired, professional pictures can be taken to capture the essence of this unique dining experience.

Duration: Approximately 4-5 hours Price: 400, plus the restaurant bill

Indulge in an evening that intertwines fine dining with a journey into submission under the watchful eyes of Lux and Loren. This tailored experience offers an elegant backdrop to explore and enjoy your submissive side, guided by two experts in the field. A night to remember awaits you.

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Ready to submit?

Not everyone is allowed to book a session, she will only allow the ones who are a right match. The personal intake takes place via email. Be sure to write a well-mannered introduction message about yourself.