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Feminization weekend

Feminization Weekend Experience

Overnight Availability (or hotel): Please note that overnight options are exclusive and only available to those who have either undergone a detailed intake process or have previously met us.

Introducing a personalized two-day retreat with an overnight stay at The Lady Lux & Freya (or a hotel nearby) designed to cater to your crossdressing journey. This weekend will encompass all things feminine, allowing you to delve into the world of womanhood.

Your Experience Includes:

  • Skincare: Sessions that focus on skincare tailored to your preferences.
  • Nail Care: a session of nail painting and care.
  • Entertainment: Spend quality time watching a girly movie, allowing for bonding and enjoyment.
  • Walking in Heels and posture training: Benefit from lessons on graceful walking in heels, along with guidance on feminine movement and behavior.
  • Makeup and Styling Lesson: Learn the art of styling and makeup to enhance your confidence and grace.
  • Outdoor Activities: Choose from an array of options including city trips, shopping, and more, all personalized to your comfort level.
  • BDSM Twist: If desired, we can add a touch of BDSM to elevate the experience.

Also included in this package is professional photography to capture the essence of your transformation, ensuring you have lasting memories of this special weekend.

Duration: Overnight stay Price: Starting from 1500,-

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in a weekend designed to celebrate femininity and explore your unique style and expression.

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Not everyone is allowed to book a session, she will only allow the ones who are a right match. The personal intake takes place via email. Be sure to write a well-mannered introduction message about yourself.