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Sissification & Dollification

Have you ever wished to be The Lady Lux’s perfect doll or found yourself enamored with Barbie-like femininity? Perhaps you have envisioned attending a tea party, participating in a photoshoot, or engaging in a unique session. Dollification and Sissification may be perceived negatively by some, but The Lady Lux transcends such stigmas by applying principles grounded in practical psychology.

In her blog titled ‘Sissification, Dollification, and Being a Maid,’ she explores these themes, working with the understanding that men, women, and trans women can all partake in a Dollification session. Often linked to youthful femininity, you may have idealized a figurine, doll, or Barbie as a child, drawn to the allure of frilly, pink adornments.

During a Dollification session with The Lady Lux, you can reconnect with that femininity, immersing yourself in cuteness and discovering what it feels like to be a doll. Offering classy, high-end Sissification, Lux, a gender transformation makeup artist, stylist, and coach, can fashion you into the part. There’s even the option to obtain your very own sissy certificate upon successful completion of the training.

Sissification doesn’t always mean a full transformation; it can be as subtle as wearing feminine clothing or an apron. Some are seeking for the thrill of it. Making them feeling ashamed but also feel empowered because they allow themselves to be in this role. But others prefer it in a different kind of way and solely see it as a sexualized expression, in that case, they have to look for it elsewhere.

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Victoria in her maid outfit preparing the bed for a sleepover at The Lady Lux.

Feminization weekend

Feminization Weekend Experience Overnight Availability (or hotel): Please note that overnight options are exclusive and only available to those who have either undergone a detailed

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