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Cupping, a time-honored form of alternative medicine, involves the strategic placement of special cups on the skin to create suction. The process can last several minutes and serves various purposes such as alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, enhancing blood flow, and promoting relaxation and overall well-being. It’s often utilized as a type of deep tissue massage, with historical references found in the Ebers Papyrus, describing its use by the ancient Egyptians.

Mistress Lux is well-acquainted with this technique, having applied it in her former salon to aid individuals with fibromyalgia and sports-related injuries. Her expertise ensures that the cups are positioned precisely for optimal benefit. Modern cupping practices often employ a pump rather than fire to create a vacuum inside the cup, enhancing control and safety.

In the BDSM community, cupping has gained significant popularity for the unique and aesthetic marks it leaves, adding a visually stimulating dimension to the experience.

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Feminization weekend

Feminization Weekend Experience Overnight Availability (or hotel): Please note that overnight options are exclusive and only available to those who have either undergone a detailed

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