Frequently asked questions

The Lady Lux is spanking Eliza with a paddle, because she asked a question that was already answered in the FAQ. Emma is watching and gasps

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about sessions, location, privacy, and more. Read them thoroughly, if you might find that your questions isn’t answered yet, feel free to contact The Lady Lux. Information regarding specific sessions can be found on the sessions page.

I got spanked because I asked The Lady Lux a question that was answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Questions

Of course. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a total newbie just starting out in the world of BDSM, you are welcome to come see me.

Yes, complete confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. If requested, a confidentiality agreement can be signed before the session begins.

I see clients who are 18 years or older, regardless of their gender.

I am happy to accommodate clients of all ages, body types, and abilities. If you have any health concerns or mobility issues, please let me know in advance so that I can ensure your comfort during the session.

You can find all the sessions and options on my BDSM-Sessions page.

First of all, I’m a professional dominatrix with a lot of experience. I’m a dominatrix, therapist and lifestyle coach that has been involved in the BDSM scene for 18 years. I am also a gender transformation specialist and cross-dress and transition coach. All sessions have a fixed rate contribution as shown on my website’s sessions page. Your contribution helps to sustain the costs of maintaining my business:


  • Endless hours of marketing work, so you can find me online, maintaining and updating my websites, creating content, editing videos and taking pictures for social media and many other basic tasks.
  • The costs of photography. You might have seen my immense collection of freely available shoots. We work with high quality equipment in which we invested thousands of euros.
  • Providing a discrete and spacious workspace with playroom, transformation room, cross-dress walk-in closet and office. The studio is fully equipped with expensive gear required for sessions. The rent for this luxurious space is high, also don’t forget about electricity, water, insurance, security bills etc.
  • For gender transformations I have hundreds of pieces of quality clothing ranging XS to 4XL, make-up, shoes (EU39-46), wigs in many varieties, colors, sizes and styles. Lashes, nailcare and more accessories. Totaling over 15.000 Euro and I keep investing more.
  • My own designer wardrobes. Think about the designer shoes that can be worshipped. And other skincare, manicure, pedicure, etc. I need to look my best.
  • Preparing for a session and taking the time for my clients.
  • Creating personalized coaching plans and getting to know them better so I can properly guide their BDSM experience, MtF makeover, couples coaching, crossdressing or transition coaching.
  • Cleaning expenses such as, a disinfection machine, products and of course the time to clean. Wigs and clothing will be washed after every session. Regular steam cleaning of furniture. And items such as shoes make-up and brushes get disinfected. And the list goes on. As health is an important aspect, I use a UV-C hepa-13 filtration system for clean air.
  • My years spent studying psychology, human anatomy, body language, coupled with my work as a therapist and coach, form a rich skill set that enhances your session and exploration within BDSM. This year, I’m also pursuing an additional degree, which comes with its own substantial financial investment.
  • I’m a professional Dominatrix, I do this for a living. My time is valuable. You get paid for your work too, right?


Running high-quality services comes with many costs and huge overheads. In other words, you must contribute to the costs of running a high-quality service, or else it will not be available. In my line of work, I invest a lot of time and money to provide you with the best possible experience, so why should I not be compensated for my efforts?

When playing BDSM, a safeword is a code word, string of code words, or other sign used by a person to communicate their physical or emotional state, especially when approaching or breaching a physical, emotional, or moral boundary. Some safewords stop the play entirely, while others indicate willingness to continue at a reduced intensity.


During these sessions you can always call out one of the safe words: green (go on), orange (proceed with caution), red (stop immediately).

You may call me Lady, Milady, Lady Lux or Mistress.

I provide sessions in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands. In a spacious private apartment well-suited for a BDSM session.

Private parking available. Walking distance from public transportation (METRO).

Most of the time I’m dressed in a classy black dress or skirt with pretty top.

Classy leather ensemble, in a suit, jacket with skirt is also an option, White blouse with leather skirt, For ponyplay a matching attire, or for the ones into this a Victorian style attire.

I also have a huge collection of shoes so if there is an interest in a specific kind or brand let me know beforehand.


I will not dress in latex, lingerie or slutty cliché Domme outfits for you.

Yes. read about it below.

No pegging, anal play, forced bi
No sexual acts what so ever
No sounding, no face sitting
No inappropriate touching
You will not touch yourself inappropriately in the presence of The Lady Lux
No urine or feces play
No needle and medical play
No latex
No use of drugs, poppers, or excessive alcohol
No Race play
No Wrestling

The Lady Lux will not dress in lingerie, slutty or in cliché Domme outfits or latex for you.

No. I am a Dominatrix and not an escort. During my sessions no sexual acts will take place whatsoever.

Read the “Things I don’t do” on my sessions page.

No. This will only end up having your session request denied.

I don’t mind receiving any questions as long as they are asked respectfully. Please do bear in mind that many questions are answered on this website. So please read it carefully.

You can send me a question via my contact form.

Ask your questions to The Lady Lux

It might happen that a question is inevitable not answered either on the website or the FAQ. Feel free to contact The Lady Lux via her contact page.