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Submissive collared and masked, sitting next to his birthday celebration cake.

Birthday session

Celebrate your birthday in a unique and tailored way with our special birthday session lasting 3 to 3.5 hours. Designed to cater to a variety

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Victoria in her maid outfit preparing the bed for a sleepover at The Lady Lux.

Feminization weekend

Feminization Weekend Experience Overnight Availability (or hotel): Please note that overnight options are exclusive and only available to those who have either undergone a detailed

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Fabienne laying on a table whille being wrapped in foil til her neck. The lady lux is putting on lipstick on Fabienne

Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization is a specialized experience for those who feel a longing to be transformed into a woman but need a firm hand to guide

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Maid Fabienne is vacuuming the floor with a dyson while wearing a classy black maid uniform and white apron.
Role Play

Cleaning Servant

In this category, you’ll find a couple of unique opportunities. If you’re interested in a standalone session, you can choose to experience it with or

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