Recently The Lady Lux was known by the name Mistress Lux NL. 

She is featured on 4 magazine covers and interviews with her old name. 

Her favorite is Massad, the first and oldest Dutch BDSM magazine that started way back in the 70s.  

When she started as a young Domme at the age of 18 years old, she first laid her eyes on this magazine, so she was happy to be featured on one of its covers. 

Update: The Lady Lux recently started as a columnist for Massad magazine.

What Darkside magazine said about The Lady Lux:  ”We also chat to the beautiful  Mistress Lux, aka Miss Feminizer, who only accepts the very best slaves. With a hand in many kink-related businesses, this stunning Domme is a classic case of both beauty and brains”. 

Lux was also featured on Kink Queens magazine’s 10th-anniversary cover. Included in this magazine are 22 pages with pictures of Mistress Lux NL and her subs. 

Subspace magazine; Sinical Enterprises also publish Sinical magazine, years ago as a designer Lady Lux made accessories for one of their cover models and now Lady Lux is featured on one of the subspace covers herself. On the cover, she has her friend Lori Lavish modeling as her footstool.