the Lady Lux

Dutch Dominatrix

Under the name “The Lady Lux”, resides a refined and professional Dominatrix whose renown has spread through several international publications. Based in Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands.

Milady Lux

The titles ‘Lady’ or ‘Milady,’ are not just random social media monikers; In addition to her sophistication and style, she is genuinely of noble lineage. She is a descendant of a notorious Dutch lord, her ancestors maintained possession of a castle for 156 years. Regarding the other branch of her family she is a descendant of a viscount. Unlike her infamous forefather who tormented ‘witches,’ she reserves punishment exclusively for those who crave and require it.

The Lady Lux her sub is wearing a sensory deprivation hood, unable to see, being held by Lux her hands.

Eighteen years of experience

She entered the fetish world as a Domme when she was eighteen years old, accumulating a wealth of experience over the past eighteen years.

Over time, her passion for practical psychology, body language, and human anatomy grew, equipping her to safely guide individuals on their self-discovery journey while pushing their boundaries. She focuses on the psychological aspects to help you understand yourself better, ensuring your session transcends beyond a mere BDSM experience.

Deeper than BDSM

Her world exudes an air of sophistication, elegance, and refinement. She expects her servants and submissives to constantly seek self-improvement, striving to be the best versions of themselves. When engaging in a coaching session with her, you’re not merely another number. Rather, she takes a custom-tailored approach, investing time and effort to ensure your session is fruitful.

These coaching sessions are conducted exclusively in her private studio, as she does not operate in other venues.

Maid Victoria helping Lux getting dressed by holding Lux her heels. Victoria is dressed in a black and white maid outfit. Her dress is black and the apron, and headband are white.

Lux as a multi-faceted therapist

Besides being a Pro Domme she also works as a therapist/coach, her practice spans across a broad array experience. She specializes in trauma therapy and also religious trauma therapy (especially for ex Jehovah’s Witnesses), grief counseling, she coaches individuals with gender exploration and transition and she is a kink coach one on one and for couples. (ATM she is following several studies). Her diverse expertise allows her to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health, catering to a vast range of personal challenges and journeys.

However, her practice also extends beyond the traditional therapeutic setting. She also facilitate kink exploration sessions where individuals and couples can talk freely about their interests and desires regarding BDSM.

Should you wish to explore this form of coaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email for additional information.

Understanding Lux

Please note, Lux is a Lady and a Dominatrix, not an escort. Her sessions do not incorporate any form of sexual activities. When attending a session, it is expected that your private parts remain concealed and ideally securely confined. She has no desire to see or touch them. You are here to seek her professional domination and training. If it’s sexual gratification you seek, there are plenty of other places to find it. Her services revolve around professional domination and training, with the emphasis placed solely on that aspect.

The Sessions

The Lady Lux only engages in sessions that she personally finds enjoyable, and she takes pleasure in collaborating with her subs and clients in unique therapeutic ways. While she can be stern and even sadistic, she also demonstrates empathy, fostering an environment where you can freely express yourself. 

Privacy and Hygiene

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of her practice as she operates under a client confidentiality agreement. Besides privacy, another important aspect is hygiene. To give a few examples a UV-C disinfectant machine is used on the surroundings, we use UV-C hepa-13 filtration air purifiers and all items used are cleaned with isopropyl before use. When it comes to gender transformations we also follow strick cleaning protocols and the wigs and clothing are washed after every session.

Proper Etiquette

Being a Lady, She expects those in her presence to behave appropriately. She does not welcome those who do not know how to obey and address a Dominant with respect. 

Application Process

Please note that not everyone will be granted a session. It is mandatory to undergo an intake process via email before any booking is confirmed.

If you would like to be considered, please send her a polite motivation message that introduces yourself and explains why you desire to be dominated by her.

Exploring Gender Transformations

Renowned for her skills as a gender transformation specialists, she wants people to feel free to explore their gender feelings in BDSM sessions with her. Utilizing feminization not as punishment, but as a tool to shift mindsets and elevate experiences, she upholds a clear ethos of embracing the exploration of gender identity. If you’re seeking an environment that solely uses feminization as a form of sexualization, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The Makeover Room and Warddrobe

Stepping in her studio you will find a beautiful pink makeover room, filled with personally selected outfits, shoes, wigs, breast forms, jewelry, makeup, and much more. There is also a spacious crossdress walking closet with lots of options to choose from.

Additional Services

As a gender transformation stylist, makeup artist and coach she also runs two other companies, a makeover service Mtf & FtM and a coaching service with one day personalize coaching plans to help you become more feminine with your crossdressing or transition.

No Face Filter Policy

Face filter free: When it comes to gender transformations you often see people using face filters. You won’t find any face filters in our content. As a professional makeup artist and gender transformation makeup artist, our approach to photography and makeovers is centered around the power of makeup, correct posing, and professional lighting. We only perform minor touch-ups such as color correction and do not use any face filters. Our goal is to provide you with a genuine reflection of yourself, as you see in the mirror.


While certain set sessions include photography, it is entirely up to you whether you would like to include this option or not. If you prefer not to have photography as part of your session, your choice will be respected.

The Lady Lux specializations

Numerous offerings listed below can be combined into a single session. In addition to the individual session options, comprehensive session packages and coaching plans are also available. Given the extensive list, please take your time to read through it carefully! If there’s something you’re interested in that is not mentioned below or not specified in the “Things Lux doesn’t do” list, don’t hesitate to inquire about it.

Complete Sessions

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Please note, Lady Lux selectively chooses her clients, ensuring an ideal match for every session. The preliminary consultation is conducted via email. When reaching out, be certain to compose a courteous and detailed self-introduction.

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